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IBM SoftLayer Webinar



IBM have been making significant investment in cloud and as a result have a feature rich solution set which addresses all of the key business challenges faced by organisations.
Watch our webinar to learn:

- Key information about SoftLayer’s features
- The USP’s which truly set SoftLayer apart from Azure and AWS
- How SoftLayer can be utilised to drive significant cost savings to your business

In addition to the above, the webinar also covers the VMware – IBM strategic partnership signed this year and what it means for VMware clients. This collaboration will allow you to:

- Migrate your VMware workloads into SoftLayer quickly and easily with no downtime
- Avoid converting images or workloads into different formats
- Continue using the VMware toolset with no new tools or training needed
- Fully utilise your existing VMware investment in the cloud
- Seamlessly extend your on-premise datacentre and network into SoftLayer as a single environment
- Consume VMware licenses directly through SoftLayer with a unique and predictable per CPU license model