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Apple Spaceship - Largest Office Building on Earth



In Early 2017 Apple finished construction on their new massive office building, called Apple Campus 2, Also known as Apple Park & The Spaceship. It will house 12,000 Workers in 1 building.

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Here are some of the key features of the Campus

► The circular, four story building will be around a mile in circumference and a third of a mile wide
► 2.8 million sq ft of office space
► Enough room for 12,000 employees
► The campus is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world and is powered by 100 per cent renewable energy from 17 megawatts of rooftop solar panels & Natural Gas
► 175-acre campus
► Separate on-site R&D facilities
► 100,000 sq ft. fitness centre
► Underground 1000-seat auditorium
► Will run on 100% renewable energy
► The building is surrounded by around 9,000 drought resistant trees and will include olive, apple, apricot, and cherry trees.
► There will be jogging and cycling trails, with more than a thousand bikes kept on site at all times, which staff can use to make their way around.
►The building is clad entirely in the world’s largest panels of curved glass.
► The Spaceship will have 360-degree curved glass fronted walls and central courtyard
► 300,000 square feet of 'research' space.
► Underground parking hidden from view, meaning 80 per cent of the site can be covered in trees.
► The building stays eco-friendly with natural ventilation that works instead of air-conditioning for 70 per cent of the year, low energy LED lighting where natural light doesn't reach,
► With earthquakes an ever-present threat in California, the ring-shaped building is designed to move up to 1.4 metres horizontally in an earthquake scenario. ”It’s because of base isolator technology that is anchored to the foundation so that it moves with the ground motion while the building remains in position
► The building also features a two-story yoga room, a 4,000 person café with four-story glass doors, and even patented pizza boxes to prevent food from getting soggy.
► There’s an orchard, meadow and pond within the ring’s interior grounds and overall, the parklands has 3.2km of walking and running paths for Apple staff.