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AWS (Amazon Web Services) Introduction



What is AWS?
-Global Data Centers
AWS vs. Linode/ Digital Ocean
-IaaS vs. VPS
Benefits of AWS
-Highly Scalable
-TCO is Generally Lower Than Private Infrastructure
-Highly Reliable for Price Point
-Centralized Billing and Management
Problems with AWS
-Lock In
-Learning Curve
-Building Correct Infrastructure
-Cost Adds Up…
Pricing of AWS
-Compute Pricing
-Storage Pricing
-Bandwidth Pricing
-Interaction Pricing
Migrating to AWS
-Can Be As Simple As A Normal Migration
-For Full Benefits You May Need To Reimagine/ Rebuild Entire Architecture
Certification / Education



INE (Online IT Training):

Bugcrowd (CrowdSourced Security):

Plixer (Netflow Analytics):

Spiceworks (Online Tech Community):

Schooley Michell (Telecom/ Datacom Purchasing):

Gillware Data Recovery (Data Recovery Partner Program):


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