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Cloud Security Fundamentals | Cloud Computing Tutorial | Simplilearn



While traditional security challenges such as loss of data, physical damage to infrastructure, and compliance risk are well known, the manifestation of such threats in a cloud environment can be remarkably different. This video will talk about the fundamentals of cloud security.

DevOps Tutorial Playlist:

Integrated program in Cloud and DevOps:

This learning path is designed for a professional stepping into the cloud computing domain and wants to gain skills in both cloud computing and DevOps. To build a strong career in cloud computing, it is important to arm yourself with multiple skills and adapt to the fast-changing trends of the industry.

As a starting point, the AWS Tech Essentials course provides you with the necessary foundational knowledge on various AWS products, services, and solutions. As the next step, you must gain knowledge of the AWS architectural principles and services. Through our AWS Solutions Architect course, you will learn how cloud computing is redefining the rules of IT infrastructure architecture. You will also gain experience in designing, planning, and scaling your AWS Cloud implementation with best practices recommended by Amazon. Once you have mastered the skills required to create cloud architecture, the next step is to write codes to identify and deploy secure procedures and in turn optimize the performance of AWS Cloud services. The next step is to learn how to develop and deploy the required services, manage full-scale operations, monitor and optimize the infrastructure required to reduce costs through our AWS SysOps Associate course. Our Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform courses (offered as electives with this course) will help you advance your knowledge on cloud computing and learn how similar functionalities work across different cloud platforms. As a follow-up course, you can learn about the DevOps methodology and gain experience using tools such as Docker, Jenkins, Selenium and cloud computing platforms that help in creating optimized infrastructures which concentrate on continuous integration, deployment, and delivery.

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