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Cloud Computing Series (Session 2) _ Getting Started With and



Loading... is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud solutions offers many cloud based products like, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and many more. is a platform offered by to develop and deploy custom enterprise applications in cloud.

A typical enterprise application can be divided into three layers, data model, business logic and user interface. platform has various components which are the building blocks of each layer. These components are again divided into two sub categories, declarative and programmatic. The declarative component means using point and click in browser to build applications. The programmatic component needs coding to develop applications.

The data model layer components are, objects, fields, relationships, webservices API, metadata API. The workflow, validation rules, approval processes, controllers, code and Apex are from business logic layer. The user interface layer consists of applications, tabs, page layouts, record types, pages, Sites and Visualforce. also offers point and click development tools to build custom apps for smart phones and tablets without learning any mobile programming language. This solution is called, Salesforce Mobile.