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Seagate Central Review - Compared to WD My Cloud - Network Hard Drive



Buy it on Amazon - (affiliate link). Video Index:

0:29 Hardware overview
1:42 Local network access
3:49 Web-based control panel
6:00 DLNA to smart TV demo
6:15 iTunes sharing limitation
7:47 iPhone app demo
10:09 Desktop remote file access via the web
11:50 Benchmarks
12:47 Conclusion

The Seagate Central is a blazing fast network attached storage device that has a lot of potential but is hindered by poor software that limit functionality. This product is very similar to the WD My Cloud but falls short in a number of areas:

1. Private folders aren't accessible via the mobile app
2. All images uploaded via mobile are publicly viewable on the local area network
3. Mobile app on iOS is very slow with large photo libraries
4. Only one password protected share per user
5. Administrators can't see folders created by other users
6. External drives not accessible via mobile app
7. No desktop app
8. Can't internally transfer from an attached USB drive to the internal hard disk

That said the transfer speeds on this are very, very fast. If they could bring some of the access features up to the level of the WD My Cloud this would be a killer product.

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PRODUCT ACQUISITION DISCLOSURE: I purchased this drive with my own funds.